Cam model tips – how pretty woman get a pretty penny

Working in video chat is most often associated with large and quick earnings. However, not every girl will be able to reach the TOP and earn thousands of dollars a month just because her mother considers her the most beautiful among all the girlfriends. Money will not flow by itself, especially if you unknowingly start making standard webcam mistakes. So study our tips, and there will always be members hanging out in your room, and tokens will fly to your account.

Tips on webcam modeling – valuable knowledge

To become a successful webcam model, learn not only cam sex tips, but also find out what not to do, even in the face of a member leaving private. Some mistakes can not only deprive you of income – you can get banned for them without the right to pardon. So try not to run into the same rake – just use our guide and make your chat room the most popular on the service:

1. Discipline. For models in the studio, this is not a problem – discipline is instilled there with fines. However, girls who work from home do not have this privilege and will have to keep track of their own schedules. So advice #1 is to have a clear schedule and stick to it. Broadcast when your target audience comes home from work and is ready to masturbate, and sit in the chat for at least five to six hours (you never know, how much time does somebody need for this). Also, add your stream schedule so viewers know when you are online and don’t go around other models.

2. Show. Each webcam site has thousands of models competing for the attention of the members, and if your chat room seems boring to them, they will close it and choose something else. Physiology is about the same for everyone, and therefore use what will help you stand out from the crowd, for example:

  • original costumes (a depraved nurse, a lustful schoolgirl or even a cute unicorn pajamas – any image will have its admirers);
  • interactive games (wheel of fortune, roulette, erotic forfeits, “Truth or Dare” – they will awaken the excitement in the members and help increase engagement. You will receive tokens for every bet, spin or action).
  • unusual sex toys (sex machines, octopus tentacle-shaped dildos, or even fruits and vegetables from your refrigerator – anything that the average member is unlikely to encounter in real life);
  • additional props – many users are delighted with the oil show, so stock up on massage oil. Also, consider what fetishes are acceptable to you and prepare in advance (ropes, whips, etc.);
  • choose an attractive and memorable name. In order for the members to remember you, to call you by name and always find you among other rooms, do not use a nickname like “Sexynakedbitch”. Better yet, it consists of your name or a nickname and an adjective, for example, Anna-Dark, Emma-Sex, and so on (be sure to read the rules of the service in this regard).

And always add topics and hashtags to every broadcast so users know that the menu today is double penetration from the chef or just flirting with customers.

3. Broadcast quality. If you shot your first video on a boot and got money for it, immediately invest it in equipment – the model needs good light, sound, and picture quality. Use a bright overhead light and additional softboxes or umbrellas, install a USB condenser microphone and take a higher-end webcam: Logitech C920S, C922, C925, or the Logitech BCC 950 with a remote control. There is a lot of competition in video chat right now, and with low-quality streams, you will lose at the start. After all, we live in the 21st century, and you can’t lure anyone to the pixelated vagina. There are many cam girl tips on the internet and our blog on how to choose a camera, lighting, or background.

4. Using the service to the maximum. Do not limit yourself to online broadcasts – if the site has a store where you can sell content or things, use this platform. Create erotic photos and videos (including custom-made ones), offer your members to buy underwear or clothes in which you appeared in the video chat, write porn stories. Money will flow even when you are offline.

5. Early disappointment. The sites provide new models with a promotional period and promote the chat room to the top. If at this time the girl did not gain an audience, then after its end the number of viewers will sharply decrease along with income. In this situation, the main thing is not to give up. Be persistent, keep streaming and try to change your strategy: come up with a new show or choose a different niche. For example, foot fetish, domination or submission. Niche models make very good money, because they don’t get out of private – you won’t see their show in public chat.

6. Ignorance of the rules. Each webcam site has its own content requirements, and you need to study them before the first broadcast. For example, most sites prohibit the appearance of blood in the frame, so during your period, either take a break or change the script – there are many webcam sex tips for this case. Some sites even regulate the size of the dildo, so check first if you can stuff a baseball bat into yourself in this video chat or not. Still, size matters. If previous mistakes can deprive you of tips, then for violation of the rules the site will deprive you of your account. In the history of the webcam, there have already been cases when models lost their promoted profiles due to such trifles as masturbation with eggplant.

This is not a complete list – some of the popular cam model tips include smiling and attentiveness, remembering the nicknames of regular customers, questions with detailed answers. Yes, and don’t be capricious princesses – thank you for the tips. Also, update your wardrobe regularly, use sex toys with a tip-menu and wear brighter makeup to look more expressive in the frame. And just in case, check out the camming tips for imitating a squirt – users love this show, but it is unlikely that the model will be able to “give out” jet orgasms ten times a day without the threat of dehydration.

Members’ mistakes – why your head can be cut off

First and foremost – no boobs for free. You should not beg the model for a free squirt, and then be offended that she does not want to do charity work. In addition, there is no need to ask the girl to drop the price for private – for such dumping, her chat room will receive a complaint and a ban, and the member will look for her new account for years. Second – always read the rules of conduct in the chat, because their violations are also punishable by a ban. The generally accepted requirements are not to be rude, not to offend, not to solicit personal data or accounts on social networks, not to send dickpics, and not to insist on a personal meeting (even if you are ready to pay for it).

In addition, girls make it clear what they are ready to do in private, and what is unacceptable for them. If a member insists on what is prohibited by the rules of the site or the principles of the web model, there will be two options. First, the chat host offers him something more interesting by switching his attention. The second one is to block the user or contact technical support, which plays the role of the High Court. So users should decide what is more important – ask the girl to cut her hands to the bone and immediately go to the ban, or agree to an oil show without further punitive measures.


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