How Much Do Webcam Girls Make: from Tips to Private

Webcam business, while highly controversial, is still a business with different money income from one person to another. Let’s focus on how much does the average webcam model make, and how can this number be increased. There are girls who are linked to a studio, while in return getting help with equipment and place for filming, and individuals – their earnings are rather different. So, how much do webcam girls earn? Well, usually they get paid from two sources.

How do webcam girls make money: two ways of earning payments

Firstly, on the free live chats, they accept tips (girls are working for donations, voluntarily sent by viewers). The amount of the tip is usually not fixed, so members have an option to support favorite cam-models with any amount of the currency they use. Most of the websites have their own tokens for the tips, the currency is bought using real money.

The other option is paid chats. A person (or persons), who’s interested in the girl, pays her so he can have a private conversation (and make some private requests). The fee is withdrawn once per minute. It is a more profitable option of earning money doing webcam business, although it requires more from the girl, both in terms of willingness to reveal herself and in terms of building viewers’ loyalty.

How much do webcam models make on average

As in all capitalistic business markets, average doesn’t quite represent reality. The average girl’s salary is higher than expectations a newbie should have. In later years there is a harsh increase in the number of women starting careers in webcam model business. As it always happens, the price of their services reduced respectively, since the number of erotic live streams viewers hasn’t increased that much.

Camming is quite an unstable source of profit. During some nights a model can earn up to several hundred dollars and other streams will leave her with less than a hundred. At the start of career cam-models raise up to $2000 a month, while working daily for 3 to 5 hours. Obviously, there is a correlation between time spent broadcasting and salary earned.

How can models increase their income

First and foremost, work often and work regularly. As in all the jobs available, this advice is among several others and it`s the most common. Regularity is equally important, especially if the girl plans for a long-term career in webcam chats. It helps build a fan base, that will be actively tipping on streams. Some of the fans will even make a payment for a private chat. Also, streams must be announced, so that loyal fans would gather for a watch at a given time.

Secondly, reward tips. If a girl does something in exchange for receiving tips or even ordering private chat, it encourages other people to pay and increases the model’s reputation in this business. Basically speaking, pleasing the fans increases income — it’s that simple.

Thirdly, increase the quality of the broadcast. We are speaking about the technical aspect only. Make sure the internet connection is stable, any lag can drive away potential income. Also, set up decent lighting equipment and a good mic and camera — with increasing quality of the video and audio the chance to keep customers watching increases harshly.

Lastly, we’ll speak about investing more cash, this time on the creative side of the model’s streams. Here are some important things a model shouldn’t forget while planning the stream:

  • makeup;
  • clothes and lingerie;
  • toys;
  • body oil and/or lube (optional).

People won’t be happy seeing the same model in adult webcam chats in the same lingerie, so new clothes are also a must buy (and role-playing clothes, that are popular on adult chat shows). And, of course, girls have to invest in the toys they’ll be using on-screen. The bigger the stash is, the better – paid requests will be easier brought to life, which will bring more paid requests.

How much do webcam models earn per hour in the beginning

Hourly income may vary from platform to platform and, of course, from model to model. But on the start amateurs should expect earnings from 2 dollars to 20 dollars per hour. How much money do webcam girls make depends on many things they can’t control: how many popular camgirls are online during their stream, what girls do current viewers like, and are they willing to pay. These ones are pure luck, basically, so if financial profit is less than expected, it’s not necessarily a reason to worry.

Finally, let’s round-up this article about how much does webcam earn with some of the most useful advice for increasing the number of dollars:

  • Build the fan base, both on webcam sites and social media.
  • Stream often and on schedule.
  • Invest in technical equipment.
  • Invest in esthetic appeal.

Girls who succeed and earn up to 100 000 dollars per month (yeah, that’s real) on webcam treat it like a business, not just some way to show the body at a certain rate. Most professional models are registered as legal entities and pay taxes, make a marketing strategy, etc. So, if a model wants to earn some fast money, it is definitely possible, but wouldn’t it be nice to grow the income over time? Let us say, it would.

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