How To Set Up Light/Sound For Webcam Modeling: Camera, Light, Action

The recent trend about the webcam industry is that cam girls are becoming more and more independent, and prefer streaming from their own homes rather than webcam studios. It also makes it easier and more cost-efficient for a camming platform. In this article, we will give tips on how to set up webcams for models and how to recognize and choose the best quality streaming for members.

Webcam tips for streaming from home

There are tons of pros about giving an adult show from home: you don’t need to travel to a place of streaming, you feel more comfortable at home, there are no limits in decorating your place the way you like. Although in order to make your video top-notch quality there are a few rules we are happy to offer you:

    1. Surroundings matter. Just as you would prepare yourself before going live (makeup, hair, lingerie, and/or dress), you should also take care of the space. Clean and bright room is a must. Make sure there is nothing in the background that steals attention from you, although you can decorate your room in line with the theme or role play you’ve chosen. The basic setup includes: big bed or couch, stylish bed linen, extra lighting, nightstand, or a box with toys, tissues, towels, or anything else you might need for your show.
    2. Sounds. Make sure that during your streaming there is no background noise which includes: fans, washing machine, outside noise (so better keep your window closed), your neighbors hammering. Another important thing is that no one disturbs you, lock your room and put a sign on your door “DO NOT DISTURB”. Turning off your phone or making it silent is also a good idea. However, you can play relaxing music, but not too loud so it doesn’t interfere with communicating with members.
    3. Lights on. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the proper light setup at the common area. With light, you can modify the picture and use it to highlight your best-looking sides and minimize any shortcuts the live show might have. It is best not to rely on natural daylight, but to hang dark curtains and create artificial lights in the room. We suggest you light the camming area by using a combination of 3 light sources: overhead light, softbox, or two in front of you to even the shadow and a light point behind you to accent the sharpness of the picture. There are also warm and cold lights that you can use to adjust the picture. Warm lights give a yellow tincture and cold light a blue one.
    4. Hardware needed. It is quite obvious that in order to get high-quality videos you need to have a stable internet connection and reliable modern devices. What are those?
      • Webcam. Understandably, a very important piece of a puzzle, because the quality of webcam will define the quality of the show and as a result cam site reputation and model’s earnings. Very popular models among well-versed cam girls are FullHD Logitech С920S, С922 и С925h С920S, С922 and С925. They produce high-quality 1080p video and have a wide-angle of view. Their user-friendly interface will allow you to easily regulate white balance, day and night scene mode, modify brightness and contrast, add filters. Moreover, it has a built-in microphone for clear high-quality sounds.
      • Computer. We suggest you use a 2.4GHz powered processor, 4GB of RAM, and at least 300GB of hardware space. It will make streaming fast and smooth. Most modern laptops will have those.
      • Wireless keyboard and mouse. Having a wireless keyboard will come in handy if you sit 1-2 meters away from computer on the bed or couch and want to chat with your viewers.

We hope you will use this advice on how to make your live adult show more professional and attract more willing to pay viewers. If you are a beginning model and do not have much money to invest you can buy webcam of an older model and improvise with home lamps. As your earnings increase, we suggest you look into more advanced equipment and setting.

A short guide for members on how to spot a professional webcam model

Signs you need to watch out for that will guarantee a great show and a satisfying interaction:

  • The model appears well-groomed with appropriate makeup and hairdo.
  • The room is tidy and stylish.
  • There is no disturbing background noise and you hear the model clearly.
  • The picture is clear and blur-free.
  • The video is sharp and without freezing.
  • The lighting is adequate, not too dark and not too bright.
  • The model uses artificial lights.
  • The picture has vivid colors and volumes.

Models’ accounts that meet these requirements are the ones you need to choose from to find your favorite models. Certainly, those are only technicalities that define show quality. From our experience, they show a great deal of commitment and give you a better chance of an enjoyable and high-grade cam sessions.


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