How to Become a Webcam Couple: Taking Things to a New Level

If you are a sexually open couple who likes adventure and public sex, you need to keep reading. There is a great way how you can explore your sexuality and make money at the same time. And that way is becoming a webcam couple. Here is a guide for you and your significant other on how to become a part of an exciting webcam business and succeed in it. 

Preparation steps before becoming a webcam couple

Before signing up for a webcam site there are a few things to consider and talk about with your partner: 

  • Look up webcam sites and see how they work. Before diving into the business spend a couple hours on webcam sites and see what it is all about. For webcam couples, the most popular and prominent ones are Chaturbate, Chatwelove, LiveJasmin, and Flirt4Free. They all have different outlines, traffic, conditions, and target audience. 
  • Once you decide on a webcam site, think about what niche you would like to do. It can be vanilla sex, BDSM, role-play, you can incorporate games and challenges. You have to be creative in order to start doing webcam because it is a competitive business. You and your partner will need to find something that will make your couple stand out among others.
  • Prepare equipment. For lucrative high-quality streaming that would attract many viewers you will need a good room set-up, proper lighting, a modern computer, fast internet speed, HD camera. You should also think of many costumes, lingerie, sex toys you would want to use.
  • Be patient when you go live with camming. It might take some time to get to know the platform you are working on, its features,  your audience, and the ways to attract new online visitors. Just like starting any other new job, there is a learning curve and you should be prepared that the beginning will come with certain challenges. 

With these steps, you are ready to start your camming career. We are excited for you! With the right platform and attitude, it can be a great adventure and a very enjoyable way of making a living. 

How to talk to your partner about becoming a webcam couple?

Starting a webcam career is not a light decision and it can be pretty challenging to convince your partner that it is the right thing to do. Here are a few tips on how to make this conversation go easier.

  • Ease into the topic. Show your partner several webcam sites and say a few facts about the industry. There are many different ways to do webcam, and some of them do not even include getting naked on screen. Ask if it is something she or he might enjoy. 
  • Speak up about benefits such as money, flexible schedule, being independent. Be realistic about drawbacks too. You can mention that it is a competitive field and there are risks with being exposed on the internet.
  • Talk to your partner about privacy issues. Going online with sexual content can feel embarrassing and shameful. Nowadays webcam sites have tools to protect your privacy so none of your colleagues, friends, and family will see you. You can block several countries and regions to make sure you will not be seen by any unwanted category.
  • Talk about the boundaries you both have – what is okay to do on camera and what will not be acceptable. Respect where your partner draws a line. 
  • Discuss how this job can affect your relationship in both good and bad ways. Can it spice up your sex life? Can a joint way of making money bring you even closer? What are the main obstacles and how to avoid them? You can bring up this and many other questions.
  • Suggest having public sex first someplace you both find exciting. It will not only give you an idea about what does it feel like to be a webcam couple, but also brings new angles to your sex life. 

Ultimately, it has to be your joint decision, and if you both agree that it is the right step to take, it can be a great adventure with many benefits. Keep an open conversation and let your partner know that declining that opportunity would be also acceptable. 

How much do couples make on webcam?

One of the main arguments for signing up with a cam site as a couple is the perspective of high earnings. Many people wonder how much do webcam couples make. The answer varies a lot and depends on different platforms’ payout conditions that they offer, the popularity of your account, and the content you create. 

If you sign up with a trusted webcam site, payments will be regular and reasonable. You should also remember that it depends on how many public or private shows you are going to have and how successful they are. There is a learning curve and you should expect to earn decent money after the first couple of months.

It will be a good idea to keep track of your income and analyze it on a regular basis. This way you can see what type of activity brings you the most profitable results. 

When it comes to splitting the money with your partner, you should agree on something that works for you. You can go 50/50 or you might want to save up together on a big joint purchase. 

Final question for couples: to Cam or not to Cam?

In this article, we gave you tools that will help to make a decision about camming. You can use them to start a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend, weigh benefits and drawbacks, consider different ways of doing it. In the end, you have to choose what works for you, your partner, and your relationship. If it is something you both enjoy doing, it can become a great new chapter in your relationship and many couples out there have proved that! 


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