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There is nothing strange in wondering how to have sex online. In our time and age it is perfectly normal to look for sexual partners in the online world. It is safe, it is fun and it might lead to exciting offline adventures as well. In this article we will talk about why people decide to have virtual sex online, where are the good places to look for it, what are the main risks and how to avoid them.

Why is it totally great to have sex online?

There are all kinds of ways to have sex nowadays, as long as you are easy-going and surrounded by like-minded people, you can always have exciting sex life. Let’s see why people opt for looking for sexual pleasures online: 

  • Saving time and money. It can be a drag leaving your apartment, finding a shady bar and buying drinks to a girl you fancy. Still in the end no one can guarantee you a satisfying sexual encounter. Going online seems like a safe time-saving bet in that case.  
  • STD-free experience. While it is impossible to catch STD’s or get someone pregnant via online sexual activities, there are still some risks associated with it. We will talk about them later. 
  • No commitment needed. Let’s be honest, sometimes we are not in the relationship state of mind. Unfortunately for many girls out there it can be a turn-off. The great news is that cybersex usually happens with no strings attached. 
  • Technology makes it real. Your private parts should say thanks to the technologies available nowadays. High definition pictures and video, cam2cam chats, interactive toys – all of that makes online sex absolutely mind-blowing and palpable. 
  • Practice makes perfect. Being well-versed in online erotic experinces will prepare you for the real life thing. Having mad skills in dirty talk and sexting will get the girl of your dream wet and ready.

Waiting for a hidden agenda? Thinking it is crazy expensive? Well you will be surprised to find out that there are very inexpensive or even free ways of getting frisky without leaving your own room. 

Virtual sex: where to look

The Internet is a strange and bottomless place when it comes to looking for inspiration to masturbate. Here we will give you a few tips that will bring some light to this dark place. 

  • Online dating apps. There are a bunch of them. People sign up for them with different goals – to have a one-night stand, to find someone to be friends with benefits with or to start an actual relationship. So if you wanna engage in a virtual sex session you might want to state that on your profile bio. 
  • Good old porn. Pornography has always been and will stay a big part of our online sexual lives. There are a lot of hot video clips out there that can be searched by endless categories. The only thing that porn is lacking – the thrill and excitement of one-to-one online chat. 
  • Webcam industry is a great alternative to porn. Webcam projects are huge now. If you are wondering how to get free sex online or have sex online for money, webcam is definitely the answer. Thousands of real horny women are waiting to give you hot shows, juicy one-to-one chats and dress-up interactive performances. It is a great combination of porn and real-life dating. 
  • Social media websites. In theory you can have sex online free of charge any place where there are people. So you can embrace your searching skills on sites like Instagram, Facebook etc. Mind you approaching random people with a message “I want to have sex online” might come off as creepy so you better use more subtle tactics. 

There are no limits when it comes to meeting people online and in real life. Although in order to increase your chances of getting a hot online session effortlessly we advise you to stick with webcam and dating sites. 

Online sex: risks and final thoughts

Virtual sex can be great in many ways although you shoudn’t forget of certain risks that come with online activities and follow our simple guide to minimize any harm. 

  • Take care of your privacy. While enjoying juicy online sessions either on a webcam site or in a chat with a sexy stranger from Tinder, do not reveal your real name or share compromising pictures showing your face. 
  • Do not use shady websites. In our previous guides you can find names of great trustworthy webcam projects. It is better to use those rather than new unknown sites. 
  • Secure your payments. This comes with any online purchase. Set a daily limit on your credit card and use phone authentication.
  • Do not try to find and locate the girl you fancy in the online world. Cybersex is all about trying new things, being open-minded and hardly is a concept of monogamy. So enjoy it and do not get stuck on one thing. 

Our verdict is that having virtual sex is a great way to express your sexuality nowadays. As long as you follow these simple rules and guidelines you are going to have unforgettable experiences. All that cybersex talk got you going and you want to have sex online now? Go check out those webcam sites we rounded up for you and have a hot time! 

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