How To Have Webcam Sex. Your Online Guide

Gone are the days where the connection was poor, pictures were very few and video streaming sounded like something from the far away future. The abundance of ways that we can deal with sexual frustration, stress, or tension using modern technology is astonishing. We got porn, hook-up sites, dating apps, all kinds of sexual and erotica content online, and of course, our personal favorite is webcam sex.

Millions of people have sex on webcam: are they crazy?

Webcam sites create a type of content that sets a very fine line between good old porn and a trivial sex-for-money kind of thing. Nowadays virtual experiences are as real as offline ones and webcam platforms are surfing that wave. Watching a girl or a boy performing a sexy show on screen is not just arousing but also exciting. We live in a world where bloggers and tiktokers are legit well-payed jobs so why can’t online sex models be?

Well, they are and webcam is millions of dollars industry that creates lots of remote jobs. Originally cam girls were performing from so-called webcam studious where everything was ready for streaming – the room, the computer, the camera, the outfit. Although nowadays girls prefer to be more independent, and they would rather invest in an HD camera than go to a place where who knows how many people have masturbated on camera before you.

It is wrong and outdated to think that only a desperate girl and a lonely aged guy would meet on a webcam platform. All models over there speak English, have excellent conversational skills, and they also able to come up with lots of new and original ways for streaming to be able to keep up with the competition. Webcam site users are people who like to experiment with their sexuality in a new environment, are open to new experiences, and value their time and money. So all in all it is a perfect demand and supply situation, and everyone is having a great time on a webcam site.

Do’s at the webcam site

There are plenty of things you can do on the webcam site and we would like to give you some lifehacks on how to maximize your enjoyment.

  1. Check out different platforms and find out what works for you. There are a good dozen of very popular, successful and smoothly ran platforms. From the top of the list: Chaturbate, Chatwelove, LiveJasmin, CamSoda. We are sure you will find something that will bring you happiness.
  2. Each site has a certain degree of free content that it offers. Try it first, and then consider getting credits/tokens or membership.
  3. Try different chat options – they are fun. Take Chatwelove for example, those guys have a whole 5 chat types.
  4. Check out the cam2cam option, several websites offer it – it will make things even more exciting
  5. It’s not just about sex. Do talk to models – you might find a great conversational partner for a night or maybe something more.
  6. Stay secure. Set a credit card limit and a strong password.

Enjoy your fantasy and be verbal about it. Tell your partner exactly what you want – it can be such a turn on. Exercise your dirty talk – and it will pay off in real life situations too.

Don’ts on the webcam platform

These are the things that you might need to avoid in order to have a great time on a cam site:

  1. Do not be afraid of spending money. Tokens are quite cheap and it will unlock a lot of opportunities for you that might be very pleasing. A toy that responds to tips – you gotta try it. Granted, private shows are more expensive so be sure you get to know what the model is like before.
  2. There are lots of bullies and harassers in places like this. So do not be like them. Show some respect and establish verbal consent.
  3. Do not try to stalk and get in touch with girls or guys you fancy, especially if they do not seem eager – everyone deserves privacy. The webcam is not about finding your special someone (although it has been known to happen) but to have exploratory fun with different cam partners.
  4. Do not use your real name if you prefer to stay anonymous. Create a separate e-mail address.
  5. Do not register on fishy websites that have no reviews yet.

All in all, do not do anything that you would not do on a date or generally in real life. Even though the internet offers us anonymity, it is important to stay human and respectful.

Webcam sex: final thoughts

It is absolutely up to you to decide how you plan on leading your online sex life. Although it would be sad to see you missing so many opportunities that the webcam has to offer. So do give it a try, find something that will work for you and someone you can connect with. It is as safe as it gets – no way you will catch a nasty STD. If you follow our tips you will also stay secure and, hopefully, satisfied.

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