How to use my smartphone as a webcam – life hack for savings

A model’s income on an adult site largely depends on the quality of the video, and therefore on her camera. If the built-in laptop camera gives a blurry image, and you don’t have money at least for Logitech C920, read how to use your iPhone as a webcam (or other smartphones). It is possible that some free application that turns your phone into a camera for streaming will save you the trouble of buying new technology.

How to use iPhone as a webcam – instruction manual

If you are wondering: “Can I use my iPhone as a webcam?”, our definitive answer is yes. The characteristics of the front camera and the microphone of the device allow for a high-quality stream with good sound, if you first download the iVCam app from the App Store. The download is free, although some options require additional fees. The software is compatible with iOS 9.0 and higher and works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Along the way, install the version of iVCam for Windows on your computer (software for macOS and Linux, alas, no) – it is available on the developer’s official website.

Make sure your PC and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi (if you can connect it with a USB cable). And then the magic begins – without additional indication of IP addresses. You only need to allow access to the camera and microphone, after which an image will appear on the screen. Now you can change the settings: select the sound and picture quality, specify the frame rate, change the orientation from portrait to album, and even record and save on a video fragment. Alternative applications can be used:

  1. iCam Pro, which automatically records streams and stores them in the iCam Cloud.
  2. Webcam +.
  3. WebCamera.
  4. DroidCam. The program is available for iOS and Android OS, and there is also a version for Linux.
  5. IP Cam. The software broadcasts video through a browser, and therefore no additional applications need to be installed on a computer.

As you can see, the answer to the question “Can I use my phone as a webcam” is a thousand times “yes”. It is simple, convenient, effective, and does not require additional financial investments. In addition, you can save part of the stream in case there are problems with a member, and you need proof for technical support.

Webcam from your phone – a million-dollar idea

Many video chats offer cam models to stream directly from a smartphone through special applications. For example, BongaCams recommends installing the BongaModels Mobile App software, which is available for iOS and Android. True, you cannot register in it – an account is created anyway from a computer, and then from your personal account you can proceed to download the program. A veteran of the webcam market, LiveJasmin, has a similar service. The official website has instructions on where to find and how to install the MC Messenger application (available in the AppStore and Google Play) and video chat from your phone.

Chatwelove video chat doesn’t have a special app, but it does have an optimized mobile version. With its help, the model can start the stream, and the member can chat, watch videos, replenish the balance and throw types at the girls. If the parameters of the smartphone do not support the installation of additional applications (there is not enough memory or the wrong OS version), then the mobile site is the best solution.

Streams from smartphones give models the ability to change the location and broadcast scenario, go on the air at any time, and even indulge in the madness – for example, go to a public place with a Lush vibrating egg connected. Members will love such a variety, because webcams from a smartphone are a niche that is still underdeveloped. Most importantly, remember that such streams are also subject to chat rules, and therefore no blood, violence, forbidden words, or people in the frame who are not registered on the portal.


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