How webcam models should communicate with members: baby, talk is NOT cheap

The common knowledge that the webcam is just sex and masturbation in front of the camera is a little out of date. You might be surprised to hear that for the top models who make thousands of dollars per month getting naked is not even necessary. Wanna find out their secret powers? Here are our tips on how to talk to your online viewers in order to increase your fan base and make your viewers come to see you again and again.

Basic rules of talking to your online viewers

Whether you are a beginner in the adult webcam industry or have already been around for a while, these rules will be helpful in navigating your interaction with members. They can also give you a few fresh ideas about how to make things sparkling in a public or private chat.

  1. Brush up your English. Literacy is encouraged in video chat, but it is not necessary to use complex grammatical structures. Better to expand your vocabulary with synonyms for different sexual activities and organs, slang for expressing feelings and emotions, and practice communication on topics other than sex. This is especially true for models for whom English is not their native language. Do not be embarrassed if you are not fluent yet – a cute and sexy accent can make you stand out Think about it: the longer you can keep the conversation interesting, the longer your private chat will be, and the more money you can get!
  2. Be interested in the person you are talking to. The reason why people choose webcam over porn is because they feel bored and lonely and would like to have an actual discussion. Webcam site has a promise of virtual friendship, and it’s easier to open up to a beautiful girl on your computer screen. Ask them questions about what do they like, discuss various subjects, make them feel heard and interesting, comfort them after a hard day – and they will keep coming back not just for a sexy picture but for a human interaction.
  3. Be open in a public chat. Create an image of a kind and open-minded person when communicating in a public chat. We all understand that public chat might attract all kinds of creeps and freeloaders who don’t wanna tip or invite you to the private chat, but we encourage you to stay positive, joke, and laugh off any embarrassing or inappropriate comments. While your goal might be to make money, make it seem like you don’t do it for tips first and foremost but enjoy doing what you do. In the long term, it will help you to attract and keep many viewers and, therefore, make a decent living.
  4. Use your body language. It’s a well-established fact that you can communicate more with your body than your actual words. There is no better place to use it than Chatwelove public and private rooms. The art of flirting and seduction is basically based on body language so we encourage you to incorporate it. Touch your hair, raise an eyebrow, use an open pose, and much, much more. Read up on that or watch a YouTube tutorial and take it into action!
  5. Turn on your creativity. Members don’t come to webcam sites for a boring and cliche masturbation video. They come for an exciting fantasy erotic show. Think about what theme your chat room will have today. Cute and silly girl or femme fatale? An obedient student in high socks or a strict teacher? Roleplay, dress-up show, movie or video game character, pillow fight with a girlfriend – options to make your account stand out are endless. You might want to buy some hot lingerie or a role-play dress – believe us your investments will pay off.

We are sure that these insightful tips will help you to build a strong fan base and enjoy communication with members from all over the world. As a little extra here is a list of what you shouldn’t do during your interactions.

DON’Ts while interacting with members

Please learn from someone else’s mistakes and avoid making these:

  • Do not get naked too soon – build up suspense and tease your viewers.
  • Do not be actively rude to members who annoy you or do something inappropriate – you can always block them if communication becomes unbearable.
  • Do not take any vulgar or uncivilized comments personally – it will help you not to burn out in this job.
  • Do not dismiss\ignore members who give you small tips or never invite you to a private chat – it’s important to stay polite and grateful and, who knows, there might a potential for bigger earnings.
  • Do not promise games, battles, shows, or photo-sets that you might not be able to deliver. It’s better to stay honest and realistic about what kind of content your member can expect from you.
  • Do not drink heavily on the camera. While it might be a good idea to loosen up with a glass of wine, it’s better to stay alert and control your surroundings.

We hope that these simple DOs and DON’Ts will help you to start or boost your career in camming. If you wanna learn which webcam sites to choose among, please read here.

Tips for members

However, it is not only the models who are responsible for the atmosphere in the video chat – the members should also adhere to some rules. Firstly, these are the rules that are established directly by the chat model. If she doesn’t like dirty talk, rudeness, and requests to show her pussy for free, it is better not to. Otherwise, the member will be considered a freeloader or even banned. Secondly, viewers also need to be familiar with the rules of the site and not ask the girl to perform actions that are prohibited in video chat, such as fucking herself with a giant dildo or cutting her hands until they bleed.

And the advice closes the top three – the models put out the price they consider necessary for a minute of Private, and it is not accepted here to bargain, as in the market for a kilogram of tomatoes. This not only looks petty, but it can also damage the girl’s reputation – for lowering prices in order to get members, she can lose her account.


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