Sex Toys for Webcam Models: When It is Okay to Toy Around

This article will come in handy to every webcam model who is striving for success and lots of cash. Sex toys for cam models are amazing tools to make live adult shows hot and popular. Many online viewers have a fetish for webcam model toys and watching girls use them. Thus, as a webcam model, you should invest in a collection of sex toys. The first ones you probably will need to buy yourself, but as your fan base grows, members will be more than happy to give them to you as a present. 

The best toys for webcam models

Without further adieu, let’s talk about what kind of sex toys you can use during your private or public shows. This will also depend on the platform you are using. 

  1. Interactive toys that respond to tips. If you go on Chaturbate or BongaCams you will see that many models have something pink sticking out of their pussies. These are famous Lovense toys that vibrate in a response to tipping and can be controlled from any distance. That gives a great visual and a good incentive for members to tip. There are also vibrating butt plugs that work the same way. 
  2. Dildos and rubber vaginas are also good choices for cam model sex toys. Everyone loves a great visual and you can use those for imitating penetration and oral sex. You can put a dildo inside of you, lick it, play with balls, penetrate and lick a rubber vagina. You can think of many ways to get your members hot and horny, there are no limitations here. 
  3. Anal toys are a big hit. Ass play has always been one of the top webcam fetishes so you should consider upping your game in that department if it is something you enjoy. Various butt plugs with and without vibration, anal beads, prostate massagers for male models – all of that can be used in order to grow your audience. 
  4. Sex machines for private and public shows that will rock your world. Sex machines are considered to be one of the most advanced sex toys for cam girls. If you are serious about camming career you might want to get yourself one. They can be controlled through a computer from any distance, but you do not have to be worried that a viewer will go crazy on you. You can always override his or her commands from your own device. 

There are plentiful sex toys for cam models that are available on the market. You can investigate and go way beyond our recommendations. The golden rule of doing sex toy cam would be to start with the classics and then move to more advanced options. Find out what you are good at and what brings you the most clientele – use your strong sides to become a cam girl sex toy star. 

Sex toys for camming: how to get and how to take care of them

So now you are ready to dive into the world of webcam model sex toys. Here are a few tips that will help you to navigate there: 

  • You can buy sex toys in sex shops for sure, but recently it has been mainly an online business. Depending on the country you can use different online stores such as SheVibe, Stockroom, etc. Always read reviews and ratings, it will help you to avoid fake or low-quality toys. 
  • Do not go crazy with buying sex toys. Choose the best selling models first and see how it goes. Some toys won’t be for you, and it is fine. Find out your favorites and what looks good on screen and stick with them. Listen to what your regular customers want to see as well.
  • As sex toys are something that is going to be in very close contact with and in your body and bodily fluids, you should always look for safe and surgical-grade materials. There are many eco-friendly sex toys nowadays too. Pay attention to nonporous toys, they are easy to clean. 
  • Clean and dry your toys on a regular basis. For cleaning, you can use intimate gel or just rinse them with water. That way the toy won’t interfere with the delicate microflora of your private parts. 
  • Keep your collection of toys in a separate drawer somewhere dry and cool. Do not forget to charge them but don’t leave them charging overnight – it will decrease their lifespan. 

We hope these simple life hacks will help you to buy and take care of your sex toy collection in an effective and sustainable way. 

What is the ultimate webcam girl toy?

There is no right answer that will fit everyone so you will have to decide for yourself. We believe that this guide will help you to navigate in the sex toy world and not get confused. Using toys in our day and age is a great way of making a show super hot, bringing people from different parts of the planet closer and most importantly making you feel great allowing you to come and even squirt. Interactive toys had really become a hit in the webcam industry and you shouldn’t miss out on that. 


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