Clear Thoughts on Dirty Talk: Tips, Dos and Don’ts 

Dirty talk is an amazing way to express our sexuality, fantasies, and feelings. Talking dirty can actually be hotter than sex as there are absolutely no boundaries and thanks to technologies it became a thing of its own. Mastering dirty talk can be quite challenging: it is normal to feel shy or uncomfortable in front of a stranger online while engaging in a sexual fantasy conversation. This article will give you some tips on how to talk dirty to someone online, what are the Dos and Don’ts. 

Where can I talk dirty to someone online?

First things first. Before mastering the technique of dirty talk you might be wondering: I want someone to talk dirty to me online and where can I find that? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Use dating apps such as Tinder, Happen, and Bumble. People have different goals using these apps, so it might be handy to state in your profile what you are looking for.
  • You can try finding someone on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Mind you, it might come off as a bit creepy starting to talk dirty with a stranger, especially if it happens out of the blue. 
  • Try adult webcam sites. This is the place where models stream themselves in a sexual context for members of the website. The great thing about the webcam is that dirty talk is expected and you do not need to beat around the bush. With just a little bit of money spent you can get yourself a great online sexual show where you can practice your dirty talk plenty. 
  • There are a lot of webcam sites, but we recommend checking out Chatwelove, Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, and Flirt4Free. Those are the most reputable and prominent. 

You never know when you might get a chance to talk dirty, but there are plenty of opportunities in our daily life. If you are feeling horny, do not turn to porn straight away, but experience the magic of dirty talk. 

How to talk dirty to someone online: Dos

While modern technologies allow us to engage in multiple sexual onscreen activities, the question still remains: what do I need to talk dirty to girls online with confidence? Here are a few ideas. 

  • Make sure you have consent. 

Whether you are on a webcam site or sexting with your partner it is important to establish verbal consent about what is about to happen. Sometimes it can be quite obvious, but extra reassuring will not hurt. 

  • Talk before you dirty talk. 

The best kind of dirty talk will take place when you already know at least a little bit about your partner. Find out what you both like in and out of the bedroom, and it will definitely improve the quality of erotic conversation. You can also come up with cute nicknames for each other and/or each other’s private parts. 

  • Build up the suspense. 

Milk sexual tension and do not reveal too much too soon. It is much more exciting to long for more rather than finish too soon. Do not rush with those juicy photos and video calls. When it comes to webcam sites, understandably you want to see what you pay for but stay patient and enjoy the process. 

  • Be verbal about what you want. 

Once you are comfortable with your partner, do not be afraid to reveal your wildest fantasies and secret kinks and listen to his/hers. That way you can have a truly satisfying experience and perhaps learn a few new things about your own sexuality. 

There are also general rules that apply to dirty talk. Basically, just stay human. Don’t force it. Let it be organic. Play fair. And most importantly, enjoy yourself and have fun! 

How to talk dirty to someone online: Don’ts

There are also a few no-go’s you should consider while talking dirty. Learn from our experience and try to avoid these. 

  • Do not put your personal info out there.

Either it is a one-time thing or this is a model you see frequently online, we advise you to stay as secure as possible. It is recommended to not give out your personal info: your address, full name, bank card credentials, etc. 

  • Avoid sensitive topics. 

It is very easy to turn someone off by saying something insensitive and hurtful. That also comes down to how well you know your partner, so getting to know each other is very beneficial for mutually enjoyable dirty talk.

  • Refrain from judging. 

Saying judgemental things about each other can surely be a turn-off. Dirty talk partners are supposed to encourage each other’s sexual fantasies and not crush them. Stay open-minded and remember that everyone is different. 

These simple lifehacks will help you to enjoy online adventures, whether it is phone sex, sexting, or getting frisky with webcam models. 

I want to talk dirty online: is there something wrong with me?

Absolutely not. Talking dirty online is fun, exciting, free of STD’s and the possibility of getting pregnant. More importantly, practicing dirty talk online will make your offscreen sex life more exuberant and juicy. As long as you follow the simple rules above, you will have an unforgettable time, and who knows what might a night of dirty talk turn into – a juicy fantasy or a relationship. Keep your options open!

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