Webcam Tokens: To Spend Or Not To Spend?

Webcam sites are a whole different world where girls are plenty and hot, outfits are kinky and revealing, activities are public chats and private shows, and to no surprise, it even has its own currency. Even though there is quite a lot of stuff you can do on a webcam site for free, the most exclusive and raunchy shows come with their price. Also, you can always just tip the model you fancy.  Money that you get to spend on a cam site is called tokens. Sometimes credits or coins. They all mean the same thing though – a special webcam currency that is converted from US dollars and you can spend on different cam site features.

How much do sex tokens cost?

The price of a token varies from site to site. You can learn more about it in our previous articles, where we talk about each site in detail and compare them. Although the average cost per token will be $0.10 or 10 cents. Generally speaking, you can buy 100 tokens for $10. They are usually sold in packs and you can get a good deal if buying in bulk.

Cam for tokens: Is it safe?

We understand that every time you put in your credit card information online, there is a certain concern involved. That’s the reality of our modern time. Although following these simple rules will help you to stay secure while buying webcam tokens:

  • Use only respectable and well-known webcam sites – you can read about them in our big webcam site reviews.
  • If you prefer to stay anonymous, do not use your real name.
  • Create secure passwords.
  • Put a daily limit on your bank account.
  • Opt for phone authorization – this will protect you from money leakage.

These tips will make your payment secure and anonymous – so you do not need to worry a thing while showering your favorite models with tips.

Ways to spend your webcam tokens

There are quite a few ways to spend money on a webcam site. Either you are a webcam rookie or a frequent user you might find this helpful:

  • Different kinds of chats. Most websites offer some sort of free service to lure you in, but the coolest things you’ll need to get for sex cam tokens. With the exception of Chatwelove and Chaturbate, where you can watch endless content for free.
  • Chatwelove offers a great number of activities – 5 types of chats, games, and challenges. That’s a good spend if you are looking for sexy interactive fun.
  • Tips – you can tip girls and they do something fun and hot for you. There is usually a tip menu for you to browse.
  • Sex toys that respond to tips – some find it really mind-blowing.
  • Gifts. You can send a gift to a girl you fancy – can be a sex toy, set of lingerie, or even an Amazon gift card for something really special they will use later in the show.
  • Photo/video collection. Girls also like to sell their erotic photos for you to enjoy when they are not online. LiveJasmin usually offers a photo and video collection of fantastic quality.
  • Social media links of models. Not every model offers it, some prefer to stay anonymous, but usually, models who are determined to make a career in the adult industry will gladly sell you their social media info.

Still not enough for you, huh? Well, you can always negotiate something very customized and special with your favorite model. It all comes down to the number of funds you have and what can you agree on with a model. Be creative and let your boundaries go!

How much money do girls actually get?

If you are wondering whether the girls get 100% of your tips and private chats rate, then the answer is no. The platform that provides their services has their share too. Sometimes it is 30%, 50%, and maybe even up to 70% – it all depends on the policy the website applies. So do not be stingy if you want to spoil your model and support her performances.

Live sex token verdict

It is quite clear, that when it comes to a question of how to spend your token, cam sites have many options to go. The variety of available chats, games, and gifts is endless. So our advice is to be reasonable while spending – come up with a monthly budget, investigate the webcam market and what suits your needs, find some of the best and hot models that get you going in no time. That way you can transform these costs into a feeling of being absolutely satisfied, happy, and full of sexual energy, which is kind of priceless, isn’t it?

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